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I’ve used their services twice this year and its been great! I know my dog will have lots of space to run around and other doggie companions to socialize with while I’m gone on business trips and vacations. While I was gone, I was sent pictures and text messages about how my dog was doing. I could tell that my dog was treated like the queen she thinks she is. Caring, honest and reasonably priced services, your dog will be in loving hands.

Kailah B.

I was travelling to Southern California from Oregon, with my service dog MJ. I was unable to take her with me where I was staying and found an ad for pet sitter near the place I was staying. I was worried about laving her for 9 days but after meeting the couple and their pets, by the time I was ready to leave after visiting with them when dropping MJ off I felt totally comfortable. These people are obviously dog lovers and have 2 very sweet pets of their own. During the stay they kept in constant communication with me, sending pictures of my sweet girl. They cared for her like one of their own, even giving her treats on Christmas day. A very loving home away from home. I would definitely recommend them for anyone. I am very happy with their services.

Anna M.

Paw Paws was a fantastic find. They have looked in on my cat, once for 2 weeks. My cat started having stomach issues about the time I was scheduled to do a lot of traveling. I was nervous about leaving and did not want to board her at the vet as I was afraid that would stress her out even more. Thankfully, I found Paw Paws. They were there for me and very patient with the tummy/litter box situation, which helped put my mind at ease. They visited 3 times a day to keep the litter box clean. The are genuinely good people who love animals.

Melinda U.

We have trusted Paw Paws with our Golden Doodle for several years. They have taken very good care of our Golden Doodle, Bella. We live right down the street and I will let Bella out in the front yard, and they will call her, and she runs over to their house. She loves to go to their house. When her stay is over, we call Bella and she comes home. We are neighbors and can open our door and tell her to go to their house and she goes directly to their door. She seems to know she is loved there. I would highly recommend them as a dog sitter.

Larry A.

Paw Paws have taken very good care of my cat and 2 pups. I’ve had the most experience with them checking in on my cat when I’ve had to go on longer business trips. They are trust worthy, flexible and provide a great value. I highly recommend them.

Debbie N.

Always very reliable, professional, caring and trustworthy. It is always a great feeling to know that your pets are so well taken great care of, when we are gone, we never have to worry.

Janet C.

My dog becomes happily excited when I pull into their driveway. She loves staying with them because my dog is treated as if she were their dog. Paw Paws loves animals and cares about their welfare. Highly recommend them.

Cathy K.

It was the 4th of July weekend and I needed to get a dog sitter quickly. Luckily, Paw Paws were available on short notice. They came to the house and met Belle my 4-year-old Border Collie and Rusty my 9-year old Terrier mix. I knew that the loud noise of July 4th would frighten my two dogs, so we devised a plan to keep them in the house then let them out in the morning. It worked beautifully and we felt better getting daily updates while we were away. My dogs love seeing them when they come to visit. I love leaving my 2 dogs with a trusted sitter who is observant and helpful.

Keith B.

regular customer

We always know we can trust Paw Paws to take good care of our dog when we travel. They keep me posted on her days and she has bonded with them easily. She gets so excited when we turn down their street is very sweet.

Ed V.

regular customer

Paw Paws is great! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dog sitter. The best pet sitters are dog owners, dog people. They have a nice big yard and better still is they have dogs in the house as well. Zippy had a great adventure lst, 2nd and 3rd time. She seemed very happy when I dropped her off and picked her up. I appreciated the texts and pictures they sent while I was out of town. So much better than previous experiences. Reasonable cost and it seemed more like having a close friend or relative in charge of my pet. It was a good experience for both of us and stress free.

Lisa B

regular customer